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Mute Button >>> Miller/Morgan

First of all, let me say that tonight's game was fantastic from the first inning on. The Indians essentially eliminated the Twins from playoff contention, and Cliff Lee pitched well yet again. The world got to see who this Sizemore kid was, that Coco Crisp actually has talent to go with his cool name, and that Lee Stevens wasn't the major player in the Bartolo Colon trade.

The broadcast duo of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, however, were horrible. Morgan, when he wasn't lauding the Indians because they seemed to having fun playing baseball (as opposed to sulking around the bases?), was denying calling Terry Mulholland's no-hiter. Miller somehow confused Carlos Silva for Milwaukee pitcher Victor Santos not once but twice. And once the game reached garbage time, the broadcast went into a downward spiral of discussing Morgan's baseball collection and other minutiae.  

Now, let me address this about Morgan; as a player, he was one of the best ever at his position. Any discussion of the best second basemen ever should at least include him. But being a great player does not make you a great broadcaster. Just like being a great player doesn't make you a great manager; the two positions have different requirements. Disclaimer over.

Next up: Oakland. The Athletics come into town 2.5 games behind the Indians, and a series win would bury them 4.5 games back. A sweep would probably all but eliminate them from contention in the Wild Card race.