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The Indians are now twenty games above .500. When they won their last AL Central title, they finished the season 91-71, twenty games above .500.

That being said, it's probably going to take at least 93-95 wins to take the Wild Card. Here's the records of past Wild Card winners:

  1. 98-64 (Boston)
  2. 95-67 (Boston)
  3. 99-63 (Anaheim)
  4. 102-60 (Oakland)
  5. 91-71 (Seattle)
  6. 94-68 (Boston)
  7. 92-70 (Boston)
  8. 96-66 (New York)
  9. 88-74 (Baltimore)
So only once has team with less than 90 wins won the Wild Card, and only three times has a Wild Card winner had less than 94 wins. Suffice to say that going .500 for the rest of the season won't cut it.