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August 31 Transactions

I've been a bit lax in getting to the recent transactions, so here's an update:

Recalled RHP Kyle Denney from Buffalo (AAA)

Placed RHP Kyle Denney on the 60-day Disabled List

What does this do? Well, not only does this enable the Indians to bring in a player not already on the 40-man roster (Ryan Garko?), it allows them to get a pitcher on the post-season roster that wasn't on the 25-man roster via a loophole exploited by the Angels in 2002. In essence, the rule states that if a team has to place a player on the 60-day Disabled List, they can replace him with a like player (ie, a pitcher for a pitcher). So if the Indians feel like someone in the minors can help them, they're able to get him on the roster. I doubt this scenario will happen, but the mechanism is in place to take advantage of it.

Optioned LHP Brian Tallet to Buffalo (AAA)

Recalled OF Franklin Gutierrez from Buffalo (AAA)

Gutierrez, by pinch-running for Victor Martinez in tonight's game, became the first Indian to make his major-league debut in 2005. There was an explicit reason why the move was made now. As alluded to above, a player must have appeared on a team's 25-man roster before September 1st to be eligible to appear on the team's post-season roster, with one exception, as mentioned above. Gutierrez isn't ready offensively for the majors, but he's an outstanding defensive outfielder and he can run well. And with many teams going with just 11 pitchers in the playoffs, there's room for a guy like that on a post-season roster.

Meanwhile, Tallet returns to Buffalo for the fourth (?) time this season. Brian is out of options after this season, so the Indians are going to make sure they make full use of the one option they still have.

Both Matt Miller and Arthur Rhodes pitched a scoreless inning in a rehab assignment in Akron tonight, so they should be activated when the rosters expand tomorrow. As of September 1st, the 40-man roster and the major-league roster essentially becomes one and the same. Although teams will rarely bring up all 15 reserve players up to the majors, most will bring up a prospect they want a good look at or a couple of arms for the bullpen. With both Buffalo and Akron good bets to make the playoffs, you probably won't see a whole bunch of callups aside from Miller and Rhodes, maybe an extra arm (Jason Davis?), or an extra catcher. Again, Ryan Garko is a good bet to be among the callups after Buffalo's season ends, but I wouldn't bet on seeing him get much playing time if the Indians are still in playoff contention.