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..And Then There Were Two

The Indians remain tied for the Wild Card lead, although they share the lead with one less team. The Athletics lost in Detroit and the Yankees came back to beat Toronto, so the Indians are now tied with just the Yankees.

Coco Crisp had a phenomenal game; he hit a triple off previously unhittable Joe Borowski to give the Indians the lead, then made a key catch to keep the leadoff hitter off base in the ninth. Bob Wickman was about as bad as you can be without giving up a run, and if the umpires had been paying attention, he would have balked in the tying run.

Jake Westbrook gave up four runs in the first inning but settled down after that, pitching into the seventh. Saving the bullpen for the next week or so will be key, since the Indians are still without Matt Miller and Arthur Rhodes, and may be without David Riske soon.

The Indians have now won nine (9) consecutive road games. That's pretty impressive.