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We're falling to last place.....

In Cleveland. Will The Cavs and The Browns show Cleveland its next Championship?

An interesting article from a local sports writer, gets one to start thinking.

First place, we have the Browns. 44 new faces on the team this season. And very possibly signing top pick Braylon Edwards today.

Then there's The Cavs. Putting up a new name on The Gund Arena very shortly to start the season. The Gund will be called The Q, short for Quicken Loans Arena. New owner Dan Gilbert knows he has to keep his team in the news, and with signings of Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall he keeps fans interested.

Now, back to The Tribe. We're still in the Wild Card chase. But with our power bat Travis Hafner still feeling the effects of a concussion from a pitch to the mouth, the offense is weakened. And the trading deadline brought nothing. Fans interest remained where it was. A chance to encourage more fans to go to The Jake was not taken. We're heading down the home stretch and not using the excitement it can bring to encourage anyone. Bad PR for a business?

"I'm a legacy here in Boston". That from Manny Ramirez. And not too bad of a legacy here in Cleveland. Would he be worth the $20 million a year to Cleveland Indians fans? Could he provide the punch the team needs on the field and in the stands? Could Cleveland fans keep Manny inspired to play great baseball? Do we build around a player such as this for the next 2-3 years? Sure, Manny is a stretch, and was used because of it, but it does give one something to think on. And the point being is, the team is lacking this type of player. Like him or not, The standing 'O' he received when he announced he was staying says he is liked. And, after all, he's just "Manny being Manny", as we all know here in Cleveland.

1948. The year we last won a World Series. What would a win there do to this city? The city with the 455 consecutive sellouts record, topping the previous mark of 203 by The Colorado Rockies. A streak that saw 19,324,248 fans go through the gates at The Jake. Fans were starving for great baseball here and showed it.

How much money would a World Series win bring to a city of starving baseball fans?