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Open Minor League Discussion

I've gotten away from prospects lately, so here's an opportunity to talk about them.

A couple prospects that didn't make the most recent top 20 list that are worthy of mention:

RHP Andrew Brown, Buffalo. He's been great since settling into a relief role. He could probably help the Indians right now if they needed him.

RHP Cody Bunkelman, Lake County. Hats off to Mirabelli on this one; the 20-year-old has pitched very well in his full-season debut. Bunkelman was pretty much an unknown when the Indians drafted him in the 6th round of the 2004 draft.

RHP Mark Jecmen, Mahoning Valley. Another odd pick at the time (mediocre numbers in college), the 2004 7th rounder has dominated NYPL hitters, allowing only 23 hits in 38.1 innings.

Who else in the system deserves attention? Treat this as an open minor-league thread.