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Reinstated LHP Arthur Rhodes from the Bereavement List

Optioned LHP Brian Tallet to Buffalo (AAA)

I'm assuming that Tallet goes back into the rotation for the Bisons, at least for the remainder of this season. After that, it gets more tricky for Brian; he's out of options after the season, so the Indians may try to turn him into a LOOGY or a swingman. Tallet's past the prospect stage by now, and there's more promising starters in the organization, so he's either going to be shoehorned into the bullpen or traded away by next Opening Day.

Bob Howry should benefit the most by the return of Rhodes; Arthur should alternate pitching the 8th inning with Howry, and no, it shouldn't matter who's hitting, because Rhodes is not a LOOGY, nor should be used like one. With the news that Matt Miller isn't going to be back for at least another week, this elevates David Riske and/or Rafael Betancourt into more meaningful situations, which they should be fine with.