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Story of the Night

In the ninth inning, Eric Wedge makes Ronnie Belliard put down a bunt with runners on first and second. Baez fields the bunt and forces the runner at third. The next hitter hits into a double play.


I'm not a fan of bunting runners over just to avoid the double play. In this case you take the bat out of Belliard's hands, and even if he gets the runners over you have Aaron Boone and Casey Blake up next. Double plays happen, and I don't think you should play defensive baseball just to avoid them. Especially when you're down two runs; you can't be giving away outs that late in the game.

Jake Westbrook had one of his blowups tonight. It seems like there's no middle ground with Jake; either he's good or he isn't. I guess he's like a knuckleball pitcher; he relies on his sinker so much so that he can't get people out without it.

Fernando Cabrera, by virtue of his performance tonight, should get some run later in games. Fernando's stuff is really good, in that not only does his pitches have good velocity, but they have sharp movement as well. His four innings tonight saved the bullpen for the weekend. Hopefully he won't get sent right down in order to bring up another arm, but I wouldn't doubt that happening.