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Kicking the Tires

For those reading me for the first time, and also for you who moved along with me, here's a quick tour of the content to your right...

First of all, let me address some concerns that the content on the old site won't be available here. I'm going to make it so that you should be able to access everything you could access on the old site here. The only difference being that it may be in a different format. With that being said, let's begin the tour:

Old Site. My old blog. Archives go back to September 2003.

Top 100 Excel Worksheet. This (eventually) will contain rankings of the 100 Greatest Indians (as chosen in 2001). This is something I'd like to update after the season. Moreover, I'd like to do several features on past Indian teams and players.

Organizational Depth Chart. This should take the place of the minor-league rosters. Some of the links are dead/broken, but they should be updated soon. I'd love to eventually point each link toward a detailed scouting report. Also, I'm probably going to update the format of the depth chart soon.

Indians Draft Picks. This leads to Baseball Cube's Indians Draft Page, which lists Cleveland's top picks in every draft.

2002-2003/2003-2004 Transactions. These are taken from my old geocities site, which was essentially a listing of Indians rosters and transactions.

Indians Options/Salary. This page lists players on the 40-man roster, if they have options remaining (and if yes, how many remain), service time, and current and future salaries.

Diaries. These are opportunities for you to post on something that I haven't directly covered. For good examples, look at what posters are doing at Athletics Nation. So if you have something on your mind, don't hesitate to start a diary!

Wild Card Standings. Self-Explanatory.

40-Man Roster. The current 40-man roster. Players on the Disabled List are noted with a (DL) by his name. Players on optional assignment are noted with the level (eg AAA, AA) next to his name.

Prospect Watch. My current prospect ratings. I've noted the player's current level next to their name. I'd like to have each link point to a scouting report eventually.

Indians Blogs. The current Indians blogosphere, at least as far as I know. I visit these blogs regularly. If you wish to be added to the list, please e-mail me. I do have a couple of minimum requirements:

(1) You have "original" content (ie, simply posting news articles won't cut it).

(2) You've been posting regularly for at least a month. It's easy to start a blog; it's hard to keep it going.

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