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Attendance Woes

What seems to be the problem with attendance these days at our home games? A big topic of discussion and anger for all the local radio stations, let's do our own brand of analysis and look at the problems.

Currently we're averaging 22,030 fans a game, thats right at 50% capacity for The Jake. And it's 28th in the league.

The Jake

Can it be The Jake? The latest ballpark built with the fan in mind? Has the newness worn out? A quote from the Indians website adds "Since its opening in 1994, Jacobs Field has treated millions of baseball fans to the very finest in sports entertainment. Money magazine echoed these sentiments, listing Indians baseball at Jacobs Field as the best fan value in major professional sports in its October, 1995 issue. " Its a 1995 issue. Jeez, thats 10 years old. And back in the late 90's, Indians baseball was a great value. Those teams had it all, raising the bar of Indians baseball right up to the World Series level.

Those teams had it all. We had to say it twice. Power hitting, defense, good pitching, players of celebrity, speed, base stealing. How do we top those teams? You couldn't get tickets if you had to. The sellout streak of 455 games over a 5 year stretch. Man, that is impressive!

The Economy

Can we blame the economy? Sure. Things are tough all over. Gas, the cost of going to a game, everything just keeps going up. A family of 4 needs help these days to catch a game.

The New Tribe

Are they gaining the ' Good Entertainment' value label yet? A good value for the bucks?

How many games have you gone to this year?