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Indians vs Mariners

The Indians 5 through 9 batting order has pretty much been a testing-dumping ground lately. Littered with hitters that are progressing and strugglying , it has been the #1 offensive headache this season. When you look at these batting averages, you got to shake your head. Last nights order is typical of the lineup all season, we have 2 hitters at .255 and the averages head south after that.

5 through 9 of the Indians lineup is definitely the 'Not Ready For Prime Time Players'. And their not funny.

Blake with his .225, Boone with his .228. Even though Boone has been hitting well the last month, the average is killing us. Of 11 strikeouts in last nights game, the 5-9 part of the batting order had 8 of them.

Our newest Indian, Jason Dubois with 31 at bats so far has 17 K's. He struggled with 3 of them last night.

And the base running blunders continue. Broussard got another one yesterday.The situation-  While on 1st, Blake hits a single to left and Broussard, play in front of him, tries to reach 3rd. And was thrown out by 7-8 feet. You got to make it closer than that.

I want to see Wedgie with a gigantic boot on one foot come out of the dugout and kick these guys right in the....sitter.

I think at this point we need to see some of the Moe Howard method of management come into being.

I then want to see Shapiro come out with a bigger boot on his foot and kick Wedgie in the....sitter.

We can't have Coaches-Players pointing fingers at each other during these boners. And I'm not saying they do. My point is someone has to step up and take a hold of this situation, and that obviously has to be the coaching staff.

We continue to display a weak, inconsistant, poorly fundamental baseball team. And our pitching staff STILL cannot hold runners.

Pretty obvious to most we need to shore it up with some grade A veteran calibre  players.

Pretty obvious to MOST I said.