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We Beat The Royals Today!

And Tribe fans all over are rejoicing, "oh joy...thrill, thrill......((yawn))".

Its kind of been getting ugly for us Tribe fans as of late. We struggled with KC, CC is getting boo'd regularly. Blake and Boone are starting to hit, finally, but, big whoop.

We're seeing a little burnout with Coco and Grady, who have basically supplied what offense we've had for most of the season. Be nice to have Jody to rest them alittle, but hey, its possible Jody wasn't playing nice with the bosses, sooooo.

But on a good note our "PLAY PERALTA EVERYDAY" is working out. Jhonny with a big 3 run blast today in the 10-1 win over KC.

It just wasn't a matter of 'if' Jhonny would perform. To us it was a given. He just needed a clear adjustment period, one where he could maintain a focus on his game and the league and work his game out.

Victor with a 3 run blast today also. We're going on record today to say we think catching is showing some signs of beating Victor up. We'll get into our reasons why in another post and will leave it at that for now. But if  another catching prospect should come along, I move Victor to 1st.