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They Call Me The Wonderer......

Yeah, I'm the type of guy who likes to...wonder.

I wonder if the ground crew has 10' poles they use to pick up the teams asses after a bad series like this CWS one? The Sox would have probably handed them back to us, but they beat them up so badly, its just too gross.

I wonder if after a bad series like this CWS one, Mr.Dolan looks at Shapiro and goes, "HEY! How about a Fresca!" and then messes Shaps hair-do up?

I wonder if Wedgie thinks the lineup needs a shake-up?

I wonder if our pitching staff has figured out why runners steal so many bases off them?

I wonder if our coaching staff has figured out how to steal bases yet by also watching those runners?

I wonder why attendance is not so good?  

I wonder if they would take down the backstops behind home plate so we can make a game of watching foul balls knock people down who wave in the camera while talking  on their cellphones.

The wonderer....I'm the wonderer.