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The Fundamentals of Baseball

How did you learn the fundamentals?

I thought it was a good idea to go over the fundamentals of the game. I always thought mine were pretty good so I thought I'd run through them. And Invite and Welcome your comments and additions to the thread!

Let's start with Bunting. A very early taught (and necessary) fundamental to the game of baseball.

My big screamer is a guy who can't bunt (Yes, Casey!).

Hitting practices always started with each hitter required to bunt the first 2 or 3 before he could swing away.

If you bunted poorly, like Casey does, you kept on bunting, with the coaches barking directions, until you successfully put down 2 good bunts. If you really sucked, everyone was trying to help, so they could get up to the plate quicker for their swings.

It may have taken awhile, and cut into your swing time, but at least the Coaches knew if a bunt was needed, they could count on everyone doing it with some degree of precision.

If you were a good bunter, they would tell you where to put the bunt (halfway down 1st baseline, for example).

And if you were a bad hitter, at least you stood a chance bunting.

Very basic bunting, required the hitter to square off in the box, with the proper grip, while the pitcher was in motion. More advanced and 'skilled' bunters did not telegraph the bunt, but dropped one down long after the pitch was released.

Decoying was also a skill derived from the bunt and often seen done to perfection by Omar. Square to bunt immediately, drawing the infield in, and then slap it just over the infielders head.


Placement of the bunt was also a skill learned by lots of practice. The ability to place the perfect speed on the ball, to say, for example, to put it between pitcher and the 3rd (or 1st) baseman that neither can get to it as it rolls past and between them is a thing of beauty.

It was also a good option if you were facing a "Randy Johnson' type pitcher.......Hell....bunt one! It was at least an option for you to break up his K's he was probably piling up.

And it doesn't happen often, but when a suicide bunt will win the game, you sure didn't want a dumass up there .

Its a fundamental.....if you don't have it, better get it!