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Rumor has it Roberto Alomar will be returning in 2006 to coach. And LetsGoTribe would love to have him in Cleveland! Let's move Roberto in and Wedgie can be his assistant. We would do that move in a heartbeat.!

We're not to sure how Shapiro would like the idea. It was a pretty nasty 'goodby' when Shapiro made the trade with the Mets in large part for the highly talked about Alex Escobar, Matt Lawton, Jerrod Riggan and 2 minor leaguers.

But Roberto definitely knows and understands the game of baseball. He knows the leagues. He knows how to manufacture runs. He's been 'instructing' teammates for years. We remember how he helped Lofton and Thome with their swings. Possibly alittle 'grating' to some teammates who don't want help, and possibly some of the reasons he didn't get along to well on some teams, like the Mets, for example. But we can't help but feel he's going to be a natural at coaching.

And we hope to see him here in Cleveland!