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Sloppy baseball. Bad Little League Baseball.

Mental errors. Their not thinking. Their head isn't in the game.


The Indians looked at their worst, again, last nite. And its not the first time. Fly balls falling between fielders, pitchers not covering 1st. And excuses. The worst excuse being, "there is no excuse."

Jhonny and Jody let a ball drop between them, Jhonny stating he thought he heard Jody call it. It doesn't matter Jhonny! You were on it the whole way! It was your ball to catch and your job to make sure Jody knew it! You didn't want it bad enough eh?

Cliff Lee, forgets to cover 1st base.


How do you forget? Wake it up team!

If I'm Dolan, I start applying the pressure. My 'production' managers aren't producing consistantly. My product is getting some bad reviews.

There is something wrong with the system here.