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Attendance Figures and other Interesting stats

With so many teams needing money they pull in from attendance for the payroll and future payrolls of the team, it's a good time to see how many butts we put into the seats at the Jake.

Currently our Home totals out at 493,708, ranking us at 27th, right above Kansas City. We're getting an average of 18,988 at home and 27,381 on the road going to our games. (where's the puke smiley?)

Our buddies at ESPN have a great stats page for this, check it out.


When we think of AllStars, do we think of Wicky?

Currently tied in 3rd with about 6 other closers, including our ol buddy Jose Mesa. Wicky is keeping teams to a .247 BA with an ERA of 3.00 in 25 games.

Grady Sizemore. Remember us screaming at Wedgie to PLAY HIM EVERYDAY!

He keeps improving with a .306 BA, .346 OBP, and a .820 OPS.

He'll stay in the lineup now!

Next we'll scream at Wedgie to PLAY PERALTA EVERYDAY!