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Anyone catch CC hitting again last nite? If you didn't, your probably missing one of the best hitting pitchers out there who doesn't hit much in the DH'd American League. This guy can crank it!

Charlie Manuel liked CC as a hitter, and if need be, we can support making that same claim years ago ourselves. CC has a nice swing and he generates alot of power in it.

We've ripped on him being out of shape in the past, and, he has been. But last nites game sparked a CC we haven't seen. His attempt to stretch his hit and take 3rd base with a gut flopping head first slide was classic, old fashioned, 'sacrifice the body' baseball.

Many other pitchers would be carried off the field after such an effort. CC not only was smiling, he came back in to pitch and cheered on his fielders after each out.

We're proud of CC and take back some of the fat jokes about him we made, even though they were funny.

We still chuckle at our suggestion for inflatable CC's, like the snowmen you see at Christmas time.

Nice job last night CC!

We kick our hats sideways to you!