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Top 20 Pitchers by Sports Illustrated

And since it is SI you know the pics are great. Their Top 20 young pitchers, and they rank CC #9.

SI's Top 20 Young Pitchers

CC probably hates the #9, after todays game. Radke pitches his 36th complete game,19th career shutout, as Minnie slaps us with a 9-0 loss.

And Jason Davis provided his own kind of excitement, hitting Shannon Stewart with a pitch. That warmed up the benches, but as JD is backing up home, Stewart catches him with 'a cheap little elbow' shot that JD says, "was childish". JD and Minnie like each other, first JD hits Torii Hunter back in 2003, which this blogger remembers well as being blown out of proportion by Hunter, and now Stewart.

Nothing like a good rivalry!

Hey, we're heading to Texas. Gametime 8:05!