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Indians vs Twins

Game #1 of the series. Kind of a snoozer so far. Both teams were warned by the MLB if any extra-curriculiar activity takes place, it won't be tolerated. A Zero tolerance policy is in effect for the 4 game series. Probably explains why the game is a ho-hummer so far.

Bellies singled, Gerut singled, then Boooone doubles in Bellies. 1-0 in the 7th, Tribe ahead.

I get more and more impressed with Gardenhire. The more you watch the Twins the more you can see it is very sound with the fundamentals. Thats sweet to see for us Tribe fans since we've had to endure some really nasty games with more than our share of errors.

Minnie just scores, Ford singles and Cuddyer doubles to deep center. 1-1, we're tied.

Update [2005-5-23 21:53:18 by 1Mike]: Tribe loads the bases, Victor sac's a run in with one hit to center, 2-1 Tribe. In classic Wicky style, Hunter gets a double, steals 3rd (on a ground out), Wicky walks Ford, and gets Cuddyer to groundout to end the game. A squeeker at the end!