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Fat Guys Can Hit!

Thats what we need....more fat guys on the team. CC gets a chance to hit tonite and lines one over the center field fence. I mean he scorched it! 

Hey Shapiro! Scout up some fat guys!

 Bellies isn't fat (but we don't call him Slim  either) and he hits good. Then there's guys like Cecil Fielder, he's hit a ton, so to speak. Mo Vaughn, he was no lightweight. How about Kirby Puckett? Not exactly thin, but he knew how to rake.

These guys are bigtime hitters. Maybe thats what this Tribe team needs. Bring on the fat! Fat guys love to hit homers. Thats so they don't have to run. Running is kind of a bit much. Oh sure, you could dangle a pork chop around in front of them, but that's kind of tacky. Just let them hit a homer, trot the bases, get back in the dugout, and  throw em a couple 5-6  bags of seeds, and a Coke. 

Reminds me of that classic CaddyShack line. "Hey, You gonna eat your fat?"  (((Spalding!)))

So where's the beef? We got any fat guys in the farms right now?  

Who's the best fat guy hitting out there right now?