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On Sale Now!

Info by Sportscan Info, monitors of approximately 80% of retail stores in the US and an article by Brian Dulk.
The Yankees and Red Sox are raking it in. At the cash register that is. These 2 teams account for 53.4 % of all MLB apparel and souvenirs sold in the 1st 3 months of this season.
3rd highest go to the Cubbies (5.4%), Braves, and Dodgers. The Washington Nationals are 11th.
Where's our Tribe at? Don't ask. Because I'll tell you its ugly. Butt ugly.
We're 21st at .7 %.
Thats down 44% from 14th place last year.
Point 7 percent.
We've got to start winning Tribe fans. Home attendance is averaging 18,347. That ranks 28th.
The Dolan-Shapiro Plan is showing flaws.
I actually bought a new Indians cap a couple weeks ago. I had a hair day Don King would have laughed at.
Winning fixes everything, fans pay to see a winner. The cure is easy, correct?