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So after the brilliant performance by Jake 'Westy', only to be handed the loss,we ask the question is, Did Wedgie do this right?

"It was Jakes game to win" states the Tribe skipper. Yes it was. But....

There's many questioning why we didn't have anyone throwing in the bullpen, you know, just in case? Wouldn't a better call have been to let Jake go out, and the at the first signs of trouble, get him out of there, to probably a standing O, and then give him some help winning this thing? The Tribe is now 5-11 in 1 run games.

Sooo, not much confidence in the Wicker? Riske couldn't have handled it? Do you not keep the option open to throw one of these guys in there asap? Or do you do like Wedgie and bet the ranch on Westy?

A classic line by Erstadt, " I quess that's why we play 9". And then he goes on to state it was too bad Westy lost, that his stuff was nasty in that game.

It's fun to 2nd guess, but are we really? Isn't it a sort of SOP (standard operating procedure) to have someone ready at the first sign of trouble? Our bullpen kicks, why don't we use them?

Still, it takes nothing away from Jakes effort that night. We commend him! Just wish we would have done more (offensively) to help him get the win.