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The Plan Vers 1.0 by Shapiro

Like most new programs, The Plan Ver.1.0 got many interested in a new game. But as the game plays on, its leaving its fans wanting more. More features. More excitement. More ways to win.
Time to upgrade The Plan Ver.1.0 by Shapiro to The Plan Ver.2.0 by SuperShapiro.
How do we improve on the features? How about better veterans? Veterans who consistantly add more bang to the game. Vets who lead the league in some aspect of the game, whether it be hitting, fielding, base stealing, pitching. We need that.
More MLB ready prospects. Prospects rated by everyone to be more of a sure thing. Prospects already playing in the MLB. I still like KC's Zach Grienke.
How about features we're not seeing currently like maybe a Killer Defense? Players who rule the field. We have no defense in the current version 1.0. We want defense! Killer D!
How about Speed? Speed would be a sweet addition. Turbo Speed. A player starts his steal, you hit the Turbo button, swish, he's there easily. Not the current version we have.
At the start of The Plan Ver.1.0 I stated at current speed it would take until 2007 before we beat the game, or show signs of it. Time to tweak it. The current version gets you interested, but its lacking in features.

Lets hope the designers of the Tribes "The Plan" Ver.1.0 by Shapiro soon upgrades.

The Plan Ver.2.0 by SuperShapiro hopefully to be on the market soon.