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Wickman vs Riske

Personally, I have no problems with Riske. His worst outtings came when he was suffering some tough personal problems. On top of it, the fans gave him a tough way to go also. But he kept on trying. Alot of others might have took time off, but Riske took it head on.

Wicky, is a gamble. Basically coming off TJ surgery, 36 yrs old, and not considered a lights out stopper, he'll struggle for that save. His ERA shows that.

I think at any time we could be looking for a new closer. There was talk of Jason Davis moving in to it. And with that ugly shelling Wicky took still fresh in peoples minds, I doubt the Front Office will stop looking at options.

The job is always there for a good closer. Its there for the taking. In Cleveland especially. I also think at this time, Dolan/Shapiro might even open up the wallet.

The job of closers in Cleveland is one that just hasn't been done well as of late.

I don't think they would trade Riske yet.....but then,  I wouldn't have picked up Boone either.