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Something From Hal Lebovitz

Here's a short bit from Hal Lebovitz Sundays column concerning the 'flair-up' by Jody Gerut.

(Thanks Hal!)

"Here's the reason Jody Gerut, Indians outfielder-in-waiting, became unhappy when the Tribe took him off the disabled list last week and then optioned him to Buffalo, where he had been rehabbing and hitting a ton: He thinks it was done on purpose to delay his time in the majors and, thus, prevent his opportunity to take the Indians to arbitration next fall. Gerut called GM Mark Shapiro and it wasn't the most pleasant conversation. Shapiro tried to convince Gerut the Indians thought he needed more games in the outfield - especially a few more night games - to test his surgically repaired knee before bringing him up, but Gerut wouldn't buy it. He said he was fine physically, had worked hard on his rehab and is ready now to return to the bigs and has proven it. Shapiro's explanation is only part of the story. They do want Gerut to get more games under his legs before bringing him back. But the major reason is that at the moment there's no room in the Tribe outfield for Gerut. It's too crowded. "

Too crowded. There's even talk about Juan Gone coming up in a week or so. So what would you do Tribe fans?

We could move Casey to 3rd, sit Boooone for....?

Seems like it was just a week or so ago Gerut made a statement he felt about '80%'. Do you think more time in the minors is the prescription?

Your the manager, what do you do?

Thanks Again Hal!