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3 in a Row

We opened a window to Yahoo's Tribe stats page. Their looking alittle better. Just alittle. Wedgie probably considers it has to do with his 30 different lineups. Uhh, we don't. We still scratch ourselves wondering how he thought Casey 'Blakiro' could fill the leadoff spot. Thank God that didn't last. But we are happy with Casey's performance so far in the field. We've stated it should be an easy adjustment for him.

And while many still aren't convinced Coco is for real, we do. And we're certain he will continue to do better. Hopefully Wedgie will see he is our best leadoff candidate with Grady filling in the #2 spot. Get Coco on 1st base and he'll score on most anything except a bunt.

We're thinking Travis might have possibly hurt his wrist/arm/elbow again. With the power Pronk generates in his swing, we feel that is what tests his repaired arm. This guy rips everything hard. We'll keep you posted on any news.

Jhonny is finding his swing. We're impressed with his power! Another 2-3 weeks should start to see him get comfortable, unless Wedgies lineups have him in and out of the game.

Victor just isn't Victor yet. But we're not worried.

Booooone takes a break. We'd give him a busload of quarters and send him to the nearest hitting cages until the money runs out.

Sundays game is at 1:05. LetsHopeTribe gets a sweep eh!