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Have Mercy......

KC took the game today after a nice little come-back by the Tribe to tie it at 5.

Guess who won the game for KC? Scroll down about 7-8 posts here.

Sweeney! Damn that guy! A homer in the 8th wins it for KC by SWEENEY!

What does a blogger have to do? Carve it in stone? In big letters I post STAY AWAY FROM SWEENEY! Give him NOTHING to hit! And they turn right around and throw him something he can hit. And hit hard.

A note about Sweeney,
Sweeney has hit .327 with 19 homers and 74 RBIs against the Indians

Anyhow, Grady and Hafner put one out for us. That gives Pronk 2 and Grady 3.

``Everything is magnified because we're not hitting,'' manager Eric Wedge said.

Ahhh. Who'd a thunk that. Keep shaking them up with those lineup changes, that'll learn em, eh Wedgie!

Thank God its early in the season yet. But we can't keep giving away these games.