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Letter to Wedgie

Please read.

 Please stop with all the trial-and-error lineups. They are stinking. Stick to the fundamentals of building a team by position. And do something with the 5-9 batting order. It has created such a gassy state the fans must bellow out loud.

Some hints for you.
 Leave Coco in leadoff. He is your best all around leadoff player. He is gaining confidence there.
Get Grady Sizemore in the game, every game. And bat him in your 5-9 positions, not leadoff. The guy is struggling. Leadoff is too much pressure. Let him strengthen it. He will find his bat in the bottom of the order where the pressure is lower.
Let Victor bat 4th. He displayed some skills at it last year, let him re-find those skills.
Patience. There must be patience.
Oh yeah. Never bat Casey 4th. Ever.

               LetsGoTribe Mike

Jeez. I hate to do that, but c'mon! Is it not so obvious to most everyone by now? We got more lineups than we have games to play them in. It borders on the ridiculous. I had to do it. I swear we're playing Wheel of Fortune with our lineup, except there's 5 times more bankrupts on it. And we've nailed everyone one of them.

Consistancy. It must be there. Alittle bit of routine is needed.
Its a shame, consistancy can't be taught.

Hope I helped. If you know Wedgie, send him to LetsGoTribe. Com. He'll Thank-You for it.