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I'm very excited to post some good news here about the Tribe...trouble is, its not easy to find much. (We did sign CC through the year 2008 though!) But as far as the teams play goes, we're still looking. Maybe its because of the badmouthing the team is getting from its followers, its fans. Anyone watching/listening to the game has surely heard the boo's lately. No, their not saying "Booone". Funny I brought up Boones name eh? The moment I heard we had signed him my jaw dropped, not in excitement, but in disbelief. Why? Uhh, the ol 'veteran leadership' line. Sure, Casey was an error machine at 3rd, but look at Boones numbers some time, their not too far away from Casey's. But I don't want to get stuck on that.
And while the local radio men point out to its Tribe listeners they need to go to a game, the attendance hits a record low. And the radio men change their tune and start talking about how hard it is to watch these games lately.
Facts are, the team needs to be competitive. All things good come from that simple fact. If your an owner, like Dolans, and want to look at the team with a more business type approach, the fact remains. Businesses need to be competitive.

Personally, I like our team. Depending on which one Wedgie decides to put out there each game. I'm not sure what the mathematical odds are of how many different lineups one can do but I'm sure Wedgie gets close to it. Its time to nail down a few more positions and trim some of the fat off the roster. Ludwick anyone?

Looks like we'll give KC a game tonite, leading in the 5th 6-0. Jez, KC looks bad.