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Omar or Jhonny

There's alot of talk lately on whether we should have held onto Omar one more season or just went the way we did with him. This blogger still feels Omars 'total game' will not be challenged for awhile. But what many seem to forget is his ability at batting in the #2 spot. He filled a hole there for many years we'll also not see challenged for a long, long time.

Omar                    Jhonny
AVERAGE .270           AVERAGE  .212
HR'S      0             HR'S       0
RBI'S     3             RBI'S      3
RUNS      9            RUNS      4
SB'S      5             SB'S       0

While Jhonny is in the very early stages of developement at the MLB level, He's struggling with 4 errors defensively with a fielding percentage of .931.

Omar, turns 38 Sunday the 24th. Always the fan favorite here in Cleveland, we wish him the best.