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What is happening with my damn Indians? This blogger thinks he picked a good time to move to a new house, otherwise I'd have knots on my head and holes in the walls from banging it against them.

Its all the question marks we stated during the off season rearing their ugly faces! Thats what it is! We had hoped for better, but hey, there's no denying our ability to diagnose the team....we're good.

Pitching (closer, Millwood, CC, Jake)?


Outfield (Juan, Ludwick, Casey)=?

And to top it off the offense is sucking, stranding runners, low averages, everything you associate with poor offense is all coming through. The offense is supposed to be our high point.

And to top that all off, Wedgie is still learning the Bigs......

We nailed it in the pre season so far, with our statements of the team being highly questionable, (a very early 16 games into the season granted) now can we nail how far to the top of the division the team will move up through the rest of the season?

We also think its partly due to the old, "Sign em to a big contract,then watch them suck rule". Seems like it 90% of the time, a player signs a big contract then he sucks for a while. Kind of like when you get that raise at work, suddenly you seem to get hit with the hard luck and look like a dolt.

But anyhow, its still way early yet. And I still have a washer and dryer and part of the garage to move yet. If their not doing better by then, look out! I got an ugly side you know.