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We knew it....

We stated it pre-season, the defense was going to be sluggish. And it is.
We knew pitching was still a huge questionable. CC is still recovering, Millwood is doing ok, nothing fancy, and Jake, well, has been better.
The bats aren't alive yet. We all know they will come along. Right Victor? Right!
In all honesty, I don't mind seeing a team start slowly. Its a long season. Plenty of time to get in gear. Seems like when a young team starts out hot from the gate, they lose momentum early and then struggle to regain it.
We're not worried.
We must apologize, we're following in the teams lead. Alittle slow starting here at LetsGoTribe, but we're building momentum. Please stay tuned!
Meanwhile, how about Grady! Nice shot the other night! And anyone notice the confidence Coco is building? Teams had better look out for Coco! He's building to a big year.
Hey Brandon Phillips fans. He's struggling in Buffalo. Batting roughly .111. Just an update.