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Bellies, we like to call him. Interesting season last year. He played All Star calibre baseball up to the break, then played basically un-inspiring baseball afterwards. Like the experienced boxer, who turns it on in the latter part of a round, is Bellies doing it in reverse? By that we mean turning it on the first half of the season, gaining his AllStar credentials, then resting on that accomplishment?

In steps Alex Cora. Is he the plan to replace Bellies after the break?

Did you say Brandon Phillips? Did they possibly try to move him up to soon? He got a taste of the homerun applause at the Major League level and now continues to try to pull everything. We must admit he was very classy with his statements after he found out Jhonny won SS. No bitterness, no attitude. He is progressing it looks like. Maybe this year is the year he figures it out.