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Hey MLB! YO!

I think all the fellow MLB bloggers would agree with this idea. I really do.  So here it comes. Its a beaut.

The team a blogger writes about should supply the 'blogger' season tickets.

Told ya! Am I right? Huh? Give me a 'Hell Yeah!' fellow bloggers!

And here's why...

Lets say, we're alittle crabby lately, our teams been sucking. Our ladies have been giving us monkey fits.  Not unusual at all. So I'm sitting here, getting ready to write a nasty about the team, and it hits me. 'Hey, they gave me tickets to the game'.

Darn it.

Now I suddenly feel the urge to be alittle nicer. No front office ranting this time. No ranting of any kind. Not even a borderline real bad cuss word. Sure, I want to work in a cussy, but, oh hell, maybe not this time.

Not my character to be nice all the time, but hey, they gave me tickets. Damnit.

Might even be some good 'Press' for the team, and, for the front office also. Not from you and I of course, but there are some kissy faced bloggers out there who will type a sweet-heart type article while holding a kiss face the whole time their doing it.

Anyhow, spread the word bloggers. This is a great idea.

Gad! I'm such a genius.