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Wedgie Signed

The Indians manager, Eric Wedge, signed a two-year contract extension Wednesday, keeping him under contract with the Indians until 2007.

It also includes a 2 year club option through 2009.

Shapiro also made statements today that when he resigned his own extension through 2007 it was contingent that Wedgie would also be resigned through 2007.

``This contract is a reflection in our belief in consistency and stability,'' said general manager Mark Shapiro, who received a two-year extension through 2007 in December. ``Eric is a big part of what we're trying to build and sustain. His being here is the most important part of the on-field process.''

In addition to Wedge, the Indians also said that bench coach Buddy Bell, hitting coach Eddie Murray, pitching coach Carl Willis, third-base coach Joel Skinner, first-base coach Jeff Datz, bullpen coach Luis Isaac and bullpen assistant Dan Williams had their contracts extended through the 2006 season.

Well, there ya go. Let the good times roll!