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Making some room

We're making some room on the bench here, sending down Pitchers Fausto Carmona and Jeremy Guthrie to Buffalo. Jake Dittler will be joining the Akron Aeros. Infielders Jose Morban and Jake Gautreau will also be sent to the minors. We're happy to see Jake shrugging off the colitus and trying to get adjusted with his new team.

Guess what? Juan Gone hurt himself....again. Its the left hammie. Unless they allow Juan to cover the field in a golf cart, we don't see him playing much. And with the hard hitting Travis "Pronk" Hafner ready and healthy to fill the DH role, its going to mean some tough choices for the managing crew, should Juan decide all he wants to do is hit.

Hopefully we will see Grady Sizemore step up and assume his much anticipated role in the Indians outfield. He's our pick for getting the job done the next few years for Cleveland.