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Coco Crisp

We are really happy with the way Coco has kept stepping his game up. The type of player every team playing the game of baseball needs. Speed, excitement, and a determination to succeed. Not just a pretty name, look for Coco in a baseball town near you.

During Spring Training he's taking more walks, putting together a few hit streaks, and displaying a web gem or two. We see constant improvement every week this guy plays. The switch hitting, line drive hitter, who isn't afraid to drop a bunt down, displays classic baseball traits such as choking up on the bat and speed + to cover an outfield. A no-fear player who will dirty a uniform first time on the field.

STRENGTHS=speed, good glove, switch-hitter, bunter, deceptive power, desire
LEARNING=leadoff hitting, base stealing

We didn't say weakness, we said learning. Because he is, at the MLB level. We already feel he knows these things, just has to bring it to the next level. No worries here.

A bit of a find here, we see their working on his own website.

Nice to see he is a player who gives back to the community with his own donations. Click his pic to visit his site.