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Lets Go Tribe!

Welcome to an All New Indians website, LetsGoTribe!

With Spring Training well underway, and the Indians already swinging some hot bats, (sporting a .303 team average before todays thrashing of Pittsburgh), it's time we get things rolling here.

We start the season at Chicago with their Home Opener on April 4th at 3:05. Thats roughly 23 days away. So if your mrs is compiling her honey-do list, you better work in 1 or 2 of them to keep her happy. But hey, don't overdo it! Remind her its the time of year those 'hammies' flare up. Pull a hammie now, it can be a long sit on the DL.

Again, Welcome to the site! You have plenty of time to get used to our setup, take a few polls, maybe submit an article (or 5!) of your own. Welcome to the Show!