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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Here's your non-Tribe Hot Stove fix:

-The Red Sox, Braves, and Devil Rays are talking about a three-way trade. Boston would receive Julio Lugo, Atlanta would receive Edgar Renteria, and the Devil Rays would recieve Andy Marte. I don't see why this makes sense for Boston, but I think the other two teams make out well if this goes through.

-The Rangers are close to sending "2B" Alfonso Soriano to the Dodgers for prospect Jonathon Broxton. Broxton is a good relief prospect, but the Rangers also would save a ton of money; Soriano is going to make a lot of money at arbitration this year. My question: what are the Dodgers going to do with all their infielders?

-The Royals are supposedly trading Jeremy Affeldt and Mike McDougal to the Mets for Kris Benson. I wonder how Anna will like Kansas City?

-The Oakland A's are the front-runners to sign Frank Thomas. Makes sense to me.

-The Cincinnati Reds are close to sending Sean Casey to Pittsburgh for Dave Williams. Casey is from Pennsylvania, and the Reds would finally resolve their outfield logjam, assuming Adam Dunn moves to the infield.