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More From Rosenthal

This time on Trevor Hoffman:

The Indians met Monday morning with Rick Thurman, the representative for Trevor Hoffman, and appear ready to sign the free-agent closer to a three-year deal in the $21 million to $24 million range. Hoffman is expected to take a physical for the Indians on Tuesday.

The Padres believe they still have a chance of retaining Hoffman, and the Red Sox could make a late bid. Red Sox president Larry Lucchino was with the Padres when Hoffman helped the team reach the 1998 World Series.

This is getting serious. It looks like it's between the Indians and Padres, and the fact that the Indians are giving Hoffman a physical means that something could be announced soon. If you listen to Mark Shapiro's conference call (at and read between the lines, the Indians could annouce the signing as soon as tomorrow.

(By the way, check out Paul Byrd's comments as well. According to him, Millwood gave a glowing recommendation of the organization, and that Kevin is looking for a five-year contract. Byrd also noted the organization and the proximity of Cleveland to his home in Kentucky as reasons why he chose the Indians over the Angels and Royals.)

If Rosenthal's numbers are correct, I don't like this very much. Hoffman is still one of the better closers in baseball, but he'll be 40 in 2008, the final year of the contract. Of course, since Tom Gordon just got 3/$18M, Hoffman and his agent can point to his track record and demand 3/$21M.

Update [2005-12-6 10:37:43 by Ryan]: Paul Hoynes says the offer is two years, $14-16M, with an option. That I can live with.