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Sunday Roundup

Crisp Turnover Unlikely. Chris Snow, Boston Globe

While the Sox have talked with the Indians about dealing for 26-year-old Coco Crisp -- who could play any of the outfield positions and hit leadoff or second -- it appears unlikely that Cleveland will deal the sure-handed and switch-hitting Crisp.

It's seeming more and more apparent that the Crisp rumors have been a product of the Boston spin machine in order to score points against Johnny Damon and his agent Scott Boras. Now that Nomar Garciaparra has decided to play for the Dodgers, any potential Crisp deal makes less and less sense for the Indians.

Hey Hoynsie! Paul Hoynes, PD

On the lighter side:

Q: Hey, Hoynsie: What do you think of this idea? Tribe signs Nomar Garciaparra to play third base and then trades Aaron Boone, Casey Blake, Ben Broussard, Brandon Phillips and a minor league pitcher to Baltimore in a three-way deal with Boston, which sends Miguel Tejeda to Boston and Manny Ramirez back to Cleveland. The only downside I see is having to rush Ryan Garko's development at first base. - Kevin Smith, Greenville, Ind.

A: Hey, Kevin: Stop, you're making the room spin. But just in case, send your resume to Mark Shapiro.

UPDATE: I believe the Orioles GM was quoted as saying, "We're open to trading Tejada, but only if we're getting back four mediocre-to-horrible players and a prospect!" [Jay]