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Now this I don't like...

The Boston Herald weighs in with its Crisp-to-Boston rumor:

The Red Sox are having ongoing discussions with the Cleveland Indians about a trade for outfielder Coco Crisp, with the pricetag expected to be either starter Bronson Arroyo or Matt Clement. The Indians are believed to have a preference for Arroyo, who is still arbitration eligible, while the Red Sox are more keen on giving away Clement, who is due $19 million the next two seasons and drew the Indians' interest as a free agent last year.

A big no to Arroyo. If the Indians acquired him, he'd be their fifth starter. Jake Westbrook had more strikeouts than him last year. All his peripherals look bad.

At this point, I don't think I'd like Crisp-for-Clement either. Clement is a better bet than Arroyo, but if the Indians take on his salary, they're probably done adding pieces. And they're left with an outfield of Sizemore, ???, and ???.

The only way I see this working is (a) they sign Nomar (which doesn't seem likely right now) and (b) they spin off Clement or Arroyo for an outfielder. I have to ask this question: why would the Indians deal Crisp if they can't patch an existing hole?