Hardball Times 2006 Baseball Annual

Has anyone else purchased this book?  Outstanding information in here.  

Several in-depth essays, the usual Bill James Win Share info.  It's a perfect complement to the Baseball Prospectus book.  

One juicy nugget.  An article by J.C. Bradbury regarding prOPS, or Projected OPS.  Basically, they access information from Baseball Info Solutions that evidently measures every type of batted ball and projects what a player's OPS should have been.  Historical data seems to show that at least 80% of players regress back to the mean the following season (whether that be upward or downward).  

They included the Top 25 players on both lists (those whose actual OPS most out-performed their prOPS and vice versa).  Two Indians were on each list.  

Coco Crisp was #6 in all of baseball in out-performing his prOPS (816 actual vs 733 projected).  

Jhonny Peralta was #14 (889 actual vs 822 projected).  

On the flip side, you have the much-maligned Aaron Boone and Casey Blake.  

Boone (677 actual vs 759 projected).  #4 in all of baseball.  

Blake (747 actual vs 797 projected).  #22 in all of baseball.  

Maybe our favorite whipping boys aren't so bad after all.  And maybe this is the perfect time to sell high on Crisp.  

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