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Purchased the Contracts of 1B Michael Aubrey, LHP Rafael Perez, RHP Brian Slocum, RHP Edward Mujica, and OF Brad Snyder

The Indians didn't necessarily pick their best eligible prospects (aside from Aubrey and Snyder, of course); they picked the prospects most likely to be picked in the Rule 5 draft. The two relievers (Perez and Mujica) could have been stashed quite easily in someone's bullpen; Perez especially would be enticing.

The interesting pick from my standpoint was Brian Slocum. He had a decent season in Akron, but perhaps his strong showing in Arizona was what put him on the roster. He held AFL hitters to a .192 average, quite a feat considering the talent level of his opponents.

I'll explore the eligibles not protected at a later date, but feel free to talk about it here. I'm going out of town for the weekend, so I'll see you guys on Monday.

UPDATE: Lost in the debris of this story, the Indians did not put Billy Traber back on the 40-man roster. As a result, Traber became a six-year minor league free agent and has signed with the Washington Nationals, who were willing to add him to their 40-man roster. I had a soft spot for Traber, who memorably one-hit the Yankees as a 23-year-old rookie in 2003, but with an injury situation I think you have to give the team's scouts and medical staff the benefit of the doubt. [Jay]