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AFL prospects, Garko and Snyder

The Indians farm system was shut out of Baseball America's ranking of the Top 20 Arizona Fall League prospects, despite a strong performance from Ryan Garko (.314/969), a superstar showing from Brad Snyder (.367/1020), and nice part-time showings from Pat Osborn (.391/962 in 11 games) and Javi Herrera (.286/839 in 11 games). This continues the trend of poor showings for the Indians farm system in BA's offseason league-based rankings.

In an online chat this afternoon, BA's Chris Kline did offer a couple of encouraging comments. He reports that the Indians believe Ryan Garko will be ready to play first base in the majors by June. And despite leaving Brad Snyder off the Top 20, he says he's "very high" on Snyder, whom he calls "the top position player" in the Indians' farm system. Regarding Adam Miller, he says "there are no health issues," and while he needs work, he's "still a No. 1."

Over at FOX Sports, Dayn Perry includes Franklin Gutierrez and Michael Aubrey among his ten "make or break" prospects for 2006; that is, heralded prospects who took a step back last season and have to bounce back to maintain or regain their elite status. It's not rocket science, but worth a quick read.