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Re-signed IF Ramon Vazquez to a one-year, $700k contract, avoiding arbitration

One more strike against Brandon Phillips staying in the organization this winter. Vazquez isn't a better defender than Phillips, especially at shortstop, but he'll take a walk and he hits left-handed, something that probably played a big role in keeping him around.

Now the issue seems to be what to do with Brandon Phillips. I plan to look at this more fully in an "Offseason Issue," but here's the thumbnail sketch: Phillips still has upside, but there are better options ahead of him at second and short. So it may be better to deal him to a club that wants to use him as a starter, in that you can get more value out of him that way. Brandon's out of options, and if the organization has lost interest in him, the best move is to get something for him and move on.

RHP Scott Elarton, RHP Bob Wickman, OF Juan Gonzalez, and RHP Bob Howry filed for Free Agency

That's four of the seven potential free agents. There's been no mention of negotiations with any of the seven, but I think the Indians will make offers to at least five of them before free agents can sign with other clubs.