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The Season is Over

Congrats to the White Sox, who completed a great playoff run with a sweep over the Astros to win the 2005 World Series, their first championship since 1917.

At this rate, the Indians should have their magical run in 2007; next year seems to be reserved for the Cubs. We can always dream, right?

Today, eligible players can begin to file for free agency, and fifteen days from now will be able to sign with any team. The Indians have seven free agents on their roster, but the big three in my estimation are Millwood, Howry, and Wickman, in that order. The others are Scott Elarton, Scott Sauerbeck, Jose Hernandez, and Juan Gonzalez (remember him?). Gonzalez won't be back, but the Indians will probably be at least remotely interested in the other six. So the Indians should be active in negotiations between now and mid-November. Obviously the big fish is Millwood, but retaining Wickman and/or Howry should be a major objective as well.

Buckle your seatbelts; the wild and wacky off-season is about to begin.