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About that new voice ...

... that would be me.

I've been scouring the web for a few years now, looking for a good Tribe blog, with good insights and regularly updated content ? and a sharp group of fans participating in a forum. I know many of you readers have been doing the same thing, because I recognize so many of your names from other Tribe forums and blogs. Ryan already has the best Tribe blog going, and I'm thrilled that he's asked me to co-author it with him. It's also great to be part of the SB Nation network of sports blogs. The idea that my views are in any fashion sharing a forum with John Sickels strikes me as vaguely ridiculous, but that's the blogosphere for you, and I'm not fighting it.

About me ... I'm a huge Tribe fan, with all the joys and tortures that go along with that. I hail from a sports-obsessed family in Akron but have lived in Philadelphia for the past 17 years. Observing the Phillies up close gives me a different perspective on the Indians, on the players, on the front office ... and also on the fans. As you can see from my first post below, I pay a lot of attention to the business issues surrounding the game, possibly because I know more about running a business than I do about how to hit a baseball. Or maybe I should say, I know even less about hitting a baseball than I do about running a business. None of which will stop me from commenting.

Well that's about as long as I want to drag this out. I look forward to a great 2006 season, I look forward to writing about it, and I look forward to discussing it with you in the Comments. I'll try not to break anything.