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By the Numbers - Burlington

This is the first in a series of season recaps. We'll start with the organization's lowest US level, Burlington.

The Hitters

There aren't a whole lot of performances that jump out at you beyond Hiser, who is sort of a special case. Do remember that the Indians do not have a Gulf Coast or Arizona league team, so all the high school players and Latin America academy products have to make their debuts in advanced rookie ball. So I'm not hyperventilating about the performances of Nick Weglarz or John Drennan.

One guy who does pique my interest is Niuman Romero, an infielder from Venezuela. His defensive tools look good, and looks to have a good idea of what to do at the plate, as evidenced by his walk rates.

The Pitchers

Some interesting lines here. Chris "Doodle" Hicks looks like the class of the Burlington starters; the left-hander was the one pitcher who struck out more than 10 batters per nine innings (min 10 IP). Julio Pinto held opposing batters to a .193/.257/.329 line.

Small sample size is the rule in short-season leagues, so it's difficult to read that much into a 30 inning stint. Still, you can start to point out some promising players to keep an eye on when they get to the full-season leagues.